"All of our guests raved about the joy in the room that day, and said they had never enjoyed a wedding reception more. We couldn't agree more... it was easily one of the best days of our lives"  Sevario Mirarchi 


"After more than 1500  weddings of every imaginable type from Israeli, Italian, Indian, mixed cultures I really thought I knew everything there is to know about weddings. We did Julia Roberts first wedding to Lyle Lovett, and so many other "A" Level weddings, with Nick Cannon, Alicia Keys, Kenny Loggins and Quincy Jones, I really believed there was nothing  we couldn't do, haven't done or could surprise me.  Maybe Julia Roberts kissing me on the lips.... Then Michael Sage Schindler comes along and actually blew my ******* mind!  Honestly, I've never even considered some of the innovative ideas Michael has come up with. He's the most brilliant wedding mind ever!!! He's taking it to a whole new level."   WHAT'S HE TALKING ABOUT? - CLICK HERE

Doug Winters - Doug Winters Best Kept Secret




Wedding DJ NJ
Wedding DJ NJ

LSNY.net Your Wedding DJ NJ will assure you the prefect moment over and over again.

Get Imaginative with Wedding DJ NJ
Get Imaginative with Wedding DJ NJ

lsny.net Wedding DJ NJ Creates an experience that no one will ever forget. Courtesy of Blink Photography.

The beauty of your love remembered
The beauty of your love remembered

Wedding DJ NJ
Wedding DJ NJ

LSNY.net Your Wedding DJ NJ will assure you the prefect moment over and over again.


See our amazing wedding photography and cinematography

Dear Michael – THANK YOU for making my perfect wedding. This was the best wedding I could have imagined! It was even BETTER than I imagined.   My sister was absolutely blown away by how good you guys were. The dance floor was packed and pumping the whole time. You were awesome to work with and although I’m sure I was a handful you always took care of us. Thank you forever.  It was the best night of my life!  Aurelia Shafir


How can we get our brides and grooms the Greatest Day of their Lives?

LSNY Video Director and Artist Ambrose created this beautiful wedding short for Pooja and Chris.  We love the feeling we get when we watch this video.  For more on how to have Ambrose for your wedding.  Call 917.204.9690 and check his availability

LSNY Video Director Ambrose created this beautiful wedding short for Linda and Matthew.   Call 917.204.9690 and check his availability.

So here are some questions for you:  


  • Do you want to have an elegant, more intimate, wedding party and with the emphasis on good food and conversation? Or do you want an elegant vibrant wedding that absolutely pulsates and captivates you and your guests througout?  

      Or do you want both?


  • Would you like to be blown away by how off the charts your wedding was?  


  • Do you want to see your guests completely caught up in the electricity and magic of your special day?


  • Do you want to experience the outpouring of love and appreciation from your family, friends and guests? They don't have the words to describe the overflow of exhilaration they're feeling.  They just know you gave them an incredible gift.


If the answer to the first question is yes...we can surely bring that to you exactly as you envision.  If the answer to the other questions was yes...then we're an absolute must call for you.  917.204.9690.  There's the number call us immediately.   Or if you're feeling a little less agressive today email us by clicking the email button or "Get your Free Bonus.


Call us so we can find out more about you and what you want for your wedding.  We'll be happy to help you.  917.204.9690  


We want you to have the greatest wedding you could imagine.  Even better than that.  If you like the idea of that, aiming for something truly spectacular, a wedding reception that brings everything you could ever want to feel, AND get your guests to feel that too.... you've arrived at the right place.


We LOVE the surge of electricity and joy of a wedding when it all comes together.  It is truly one of the best places you could ever be.  And that's what we want for your wedding.  For you.  For your family.  For your friends.  For the guests that you may not even know that well.   So we ask some really important questions... 


 "What can we do to help make your wedding become the most amazing, unique and memorable experience?"  


For some the answer to that question is to create something intimate, low key, soft, simple and elegant.  For others they may want something full of wild emotions, drama, comedy and sizzle, and all out revelry.   Which is the right way to go?....The way that you know will bring you the most enthusiasm and joy.


You tell us.  We figure it out.  And we all benefit because the day becomes everything we all wish it to be. 

A sample of LSNY's Video Style for more info click here.

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The Secret Recipe to have

The Greatest Day of Your Life Wedding


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The Wedding Interview

In Depth Interview from a Savvy Bride


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