The UGMs are one of the best received, most treasured elements of any Bar/Bat Mitzvahs we offer. AND it's something you will not find anywhere else. 


We hear from our clients that other companies say "Oh, yes we do the same thing."  Well, it's not quite the same thing.  While they may have some things they do similarly, it's a little like saying, "Oh yes we pilot jets too" and show up with a paper airplane. 


While many of us are entertained and intrigued by technology, video games, virtual reality and hi-tech sports where you play versus a computer, not everyone loves the idea of technology entertaining at a party or special event. While it does engage, it promotes separation rather than encouraging personal interaction.


And it's that interaction between people that creates the LIFE energy of a party to really lift off.


We at LSNY have those really cool, fun amusements too. AND we have something that enhances people interaction a LOT MORE.


Before there was crafts, video games and virtual reality at parties....There was Active Participation skills and games. Talented, Charismatic performers who ENGAGED people with wit, humor and a challenge to use your mind and body.


For more than 20 years and over a thousand parties we've tested, evaluated and compiled the GREATEST solo, duo and group games of skill and bring them to your party!  Skills and Games such as

7 Level Ninja Drop Stick The Duel Game The Woggle Challenge Brazilian Volley Bird Pitcher Challenge Stuff It Extreme

just to name a few.


As fun to watch as it is to play, contestants compete & the excitement mounts as EACH skill and game has MORE CHALLENGING LEVELS to achieve. The adrenaline kicks in as the quest to "conquer the challenge" and master the game becomes addictive keeping everyone on the edge of their feet ANTICIPATING the next opportunity at greatness.


The UGM is the very best cocktail hour entertainment you can have for kids.


The Ultimate Games Masters Skills and Games are thoroughly tested with only the best of the best in rotation with our charismatic  Games Masters personally trained by Michael Sage Schindler, the original Ultimate Games Master.


It's also a Sensational Alternative to traditional dance parties.  And it's equally wonderful to start the dance parties off, immediately warming up inviting your guests to get actively engaged.    


Please Call in Advance as Dates get filled quickly and we only send out trained UGMs. For a complete HIGH ENERGY experience we offer the ULTIMATE GAMES MASTER DANCE PARTIES - where we combine dancing & musical games in as well.  This includes a DJ with full sound system and you can also build in some lighting for more excitement. UGM Packages & UGM Dance Party Packages for groups of 10 to 300.  Click here for more information.

The Ultimate Games Master

LSNY EVENTS Exclusive - The Greatest Non-Electronic Interactive Skills and Games EVER

The Ultimate Games Masters
7 Level Ninja
Aimee (43)_edited.JPG
The Wobble Board
UGM 3_edited.JPG
Umbrella game.jpg
PKG Multi pix skills. small.jpg
UGM Duel Game 3.jpg
Ultimate Games Master Events Highlights


NYU School of Medicine NYC -  Holiday Brunch for 1400

Becton Dickenson Holiday Party for 1800

AIG Holiday Party - NYC

Goldman Sachs Holiday Party - NYC


Nearly 2000 Bar/Bat Mitzvah Parties 



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