Harrah’s Atlantic City Lorey Jerome, Director of Special Events, Harrah’s Brands Atlantic City


We have always enjoyed your talents. Michael, you have a charisma about you that transcends energy. Scott Barber (Sr. VP Harrah’s) and Jay Snowden (Sr. VP Showboat) were very pleased and the employees are complimenting my team with appreciation.


You have earned a special place with us at Special Events. You have a unique gift and you share it with such generosity and spirit. From the New Years Eve Parties to the Excellence in Service Awards and the Anniversary Shows there's no one else weve seen who can single handedly take a thousand people and imbue them with such joy and excitement.


In speaking for all of us you are at the very top of our list to have here at the Harrah's properties. Well see you again soon.


All the best,




Borgata Atlantic City, Andrea Kauffman Entertainment




You are proof that there is wonderful talent out there that continually does a fabulous job and is generous and thoughtful, too.


You are the consummate professional and your commitment to success is unparalleled. It is always wonderful to have you host one of our events. I feel very lucky and blessed to be able to continue our working relationship. Here's to making lots of people happy, here's to our continued success and health and happiness for our families.




Andrea Kauffman Entertainment, Inc.


Goldman Sachs




First of all I want to say how great a pleasure it was to work with you. I know we were not the easiest company you have ever worked with. Your patience and assistance in working with us from our first contact in February to now is beyond remarkable and I cannot thank you enough.


Everyone is still excited about the party and the feedback is it was the best holiday event we have ever had!


It was the first time in over 10 years that men danced at the holiday party. You are a magician, genius and amazing performer all rolled into one. You said you would get them dancing and sure enough you did. Thank you for bringing the lovely dancers with you. They were certainly a big hit. The Karaoke was a lot of fun and I think this year more people then ever will go up there. The casino tables you brought were fabulous. Everyone loved them.  If you closed your eyes you might think you were in Las Vegas.


Thank you!


Very warmly yours,


Lynn Spurgat,  Goldman, Sachs & Co. Corporate Services and Real Estate



Wedding Appreciation

"...Never enjoyed a wedding reception more."  (ONE of the GREATEST TESTIMONIALS EVER RECEIVED)


"My wife, Claire, and I are delighted to provide this note of appreciation to Michael Sage Schindler.


Claire is a consultant and former banker, having worked for nearly 20 years with American Express Bank in New York City. I am an attorney and member of the Bar of the State of New York, currently serving as Chief Compliance and Ethics Officer for Northern Trust Corporation in Chicago, Illinois.


We first met Mr. Schindler about two years ago, when we first started preparations for our eldest daughter's wedding, but his reputation in our Brooklyn Heights community extends back far before that.  Since neither we nor any of our close friends had planned a wedding reception in New York City, my wife sought advice from some of our Jewish friends who had arranged bar mitzvahs over the years, as she figured these family celebrations have much in common. The very first person she consulted said, The most important thing about the reception is the Master of Ceremonies you choose. If you want the very best, you have to get Michael Sage Schindler.


Our friend went on to explain that her son's bar mitzvah was scheduled to take place on the Saturday following September 11, 2001. After the terrible events of that week unfolded so close by, her family was at a loss about what to do. They consulted with Mr. Schindler and reflected. He recommended that they proceed with the event and they followed his advice. At the reception after the religious ceremony, in a most gentle and dignified way, he transformed the somber crowd into a warm and unified group and made the bar mitzvah an unforgettable, joyful and life-affirming event.


We also learned of another event Mr. Schindler hosted with sensitivity and joy:  that of another young man in our neighborhood who, despite having Down Syndrome, managed to successfully prepare for his bar mitzvah. Although Mr. Schindler's own wedding was to take place the following day, he decided nonetheless this child's mitzvah was too important not to serve as Master of Ceremonies for that very special occasion.


As we looked for our own wedding reception locales, we visited the Brooklyn Historical Society and asked the Facilities Manager there if he had any recommendations for Masters of Ceremonies/DJs. Only one person stands out, he said, for professionalism, timeliness, reliability and client satisfaction: Michael Sage Schindler and LSNY.


No surprise, then, that we wasted no time in contacting Mr. Schindler. Our experience with him was just what we expected. In addition to his creative ideas, adding a percussionist, (see photo left) and some lighting, his gift for running a party and engaging everyone young and old in the celebration, he has extensive technical knowledge of lighting and sound. His recommendations were solid and expert. He was most respectful of our budget and our wishes for the tone we wanted at our daughter's wedding. He had a detailed questionnaire for us, so that we all knew exactly where we were right down to the minute.  And he stuck to that precise schedule.


Our caterer valued Mr. Schindler's cooperative attitude and his willingness to coordinate his work with the timing of the meal service. All of our guests raved about the joy in the room that day, and said they had never enjoyed a wedding reception more. We know they were not exaggerating. We felt the same way!


We also learned later that Mr. Schindler provided invaluable on-the-spot technical assistance to the on-site sound and light technicians (who shouldn't have needed it and were supposed to be the experts there to help him).


We hope that the preceding anecdotes will give you an idea of the level of commitment and professionalism Mr. Schindler applies to his business as well as an insight into the quality of his character. This kind of attention to detail and high standards are not often seen. We are certain there are many others who will give you similar accounts of his fine work and vouch for his integrity."



Saverio Mirarchi, Esq, Brooklyn Heights, NY


"You Made this the Greatest Day of Our Lives"


"Dear Michael,


We can't thank you enough for what you did. It has by far surpassed anything we could have imagined. We are SO HAPPY!


You are really the very best! You made this the greatest day of our lives, better than we thought possible. And all our friends and family have said this was the best wedding they've ever been to, but I know they told you as well.


We can't thank you enough. I would highly recommend you to anyone of my family and friends. Thank you SO much!"


Jonathon and Bonnie Morse,

Winners of America's Sweetest Couple Wedding Contest with DAVID TUTERA



"...We never had to worry about a thing. And that's BIG!"


"Dear Michael,


"Words can barely begin to describe the amazing, most unbelievable night ever.  Oh my god,  all we heard after was it was the best wedding that any of our guests had ever been to.  Simone and I are beyond happy and we could not have asked for a more perfect night than what you gave us!!!  Thank you!!!!  


I knew from the moment we saw you at Aurelia and Ari's wedding that you were exactly who we wanted.  But I didn't know how so well taken care of we'd be with you.  I suppose I shouldn't have been surprised.  You were so thorough and on top of everything, so knowledgable and on time, we never had to worry about a thing.  And that's BIG!


At the wedding itself, the cocktail pianist was great.  I love how you were able to easily work in the arabic music, the belly dancer and all our special moments so smoothly in with Simone's requests.  It must be more challenting working with a former DJ who is so picky about his music. And more demanding. But You were perfect.  And you were able to work so well with the staff at the Westmount they thought you were one of the top professionals they had. They particularly were very complimentary of the detailed schedule you made for us.  We can't thank you enough and we'll be sure to recommend everyone we know to you!


With Love,"


Diane Jecki Moussa



"This was the best day of my life!"


"Dear Michael,


We can't even begin got tell you how extremely thankful we are that you were part of our wedding. Throughout the planning you were extremely helpful and you gave us an amazing party, which we will remember forever, along with our guests who still are raving about you!!


This was the best day of my life!


The lighting, the music, the dancing it was all just incredible. We thank you SO SO much for being part of such a special day and for making our wedding PERFECT!  Please thank Carlos for us He was truly Amazing as well!!!  *  Believe us If we have the chance to throw another party you are first person well call.




Gill and Pablo, Brooklyn, NY



"THANK YOU for making My Perfect Wedding"


"Dear Michael


THANK YOU for making my perfect wedding. This was the best wedding I could have imagined! It was even BETTER than I imagined. You made it perfect.


My sister was absolutely blown away by how good you guys were. The dance floor was packed and pumping the whole time. You were awesome to work with and although I'm sure I was a handful you always took care of us.


Thank you forever."


Aurelia Shafir, Mahway, NJ



"A Night that We will Never Forget"


"I first saw Michael and his team in action when I attended one of my close friends weddings back in August of 2011, where he was the MC. I was absolutely blown away by his energy level and ability to keep everyone at the reception engaged and just knew that I needed to have him/his company MC & DJ my upcoming wedding as well.


I followed thru with that and as a result Michael and his talented team from LSNY Events gave me, my now husband and all of our guests a night that we will never forget.


I had so many people tell me afterwards how amazing the music was and how they have never seen so many people out on the dance floor, and they were right!


Michael has the natural ability to gage each particular crowd and deliver exactly what it is will make them feel good and get them out on that dance floor! We would recommend LSNY Events to anyone and everyone! Thanks again for being such an intricate part of giving my husband and I the best night of our lives!


~Jillian Brand, Palisades Park, NJ



""We had a Blast!"


"Thanks to Michael (MC) and Richard (DJ) most guests at our wedding never left the dance floor.


We had such a blast! Unlike, one commonly hears, LSNY played most of the music we asked, while incorporating it into the flow of the party.


Our wedding venue manager also commented on how nice it was to work with LSNY - they were timely, professional and responsive. We wholeheartedly recommend Michael and Richard to anyone who wants to have a memorable, super-fun party, while dealing with a professional vendor!


Dr. Yelena Globina,  NY, NY


""Working with Michael and LSNY is Amazing."


Working with Michael and LSNY is amazing.


He really understood the type of event/party we wanted to have and how we were going to have a party crowd. In addition, he was great with introducing our wedding party at the reception, by having us tell him a little about each person.


What made this special & different, was that each person had there moment plus everyone at the event knows now how/why they are so important to us.


I can't wait to have another event to work with Michael on.


Justin Hirshtritt, West Orange, NJ



""...So much more than our wedding entertainment...an Unforgettable evening...."


"Having always felt that the food and the music are the most important and memorable parts of a wedding, when we started planning our wedding, one of our main concerns was picking the right source of music.


Since I prefer to hear the songs performed by the original artist (and not a live band) as well as love the idea of having an MC at the event to keep things running smoothly and keep the guests ‘involved’, we opted for a DJ. But there are so many DJs to choose from, it can be overwhelming. Thinking back to all of the weddings I have attended over the years, the ones I had the most fun at were the ones that kept everyone involved and on the dance floor, partying and having an amazing time.


Based on this I knew we needed a special kind of DJ that didn’t just put music on and stood behind the booth. But I also didn’t want an over the top, loud or obnoxious MC either. I knew we needed just the right touch of energy with class excitement and style to make everyone feel wonderful. From the moment we saw Michael Sage Schindler from Lightning Shakes New York (LSNY) in action at our friend’s wedding last year, we knew we wanted him to be part of our big day.


Michael and his team at LSNY were exactly what we were searching for---great music, high energy and a MC who is part of your crowd on the dance floor and keeps everyone going.


My friends were really stressed out in planning their weddings. But once we contacted Michael we were overjoyed by how much more he contributed to our day. Throughout the whole process he was so much more than our wedding entertainment---it was almost as if he was my wedding coordinator helping me perfect all of the most important details for the evening (the details that everyone will remember for years to come).


Before we even hired him, he did a site inspection and present us with a options for a beautiful lighting and video screen show. We loved the idea but needed to work within our budget. He then reworked the proposal to create something we could work with.


When we walked into the room it looked beautiful and we were thrilled.


During the planning process, He offered suggestions, directed me on choices and guided me to resources and overall helped me really personalize and create such an unforgettable evening. He made that part of the planning completely stress free. He kept in touch with us even many months away and we had many conversations during the year (especially the last few weeks leading up to the wedding) to ensure all details were covered and our vision of our special day would be carried through.


On our wedding day, Michael delivered everything as promised. He is a true professional, perfectionist and is someone who has an extreme passion for what he does—and it shows! Everyone at our wedding could not stop dancing. The dance floor was packed all night (just how I always wanted and imagined.) The room was filled with amazing energy. We actually received multiple messages from friends that our wedding was ‘the best wedding ever’. I cannot thank Michael and his team at LSNY enough for making this possible and would highly recommend him to anyone for a wedding or party."


Lori & Tony Gasperino, Wayne, NJ Wedding 


""I would choose Michael a million times over."


Michael Sage Schindler was amazing from the moment we shook hands until the end of the night when we hugged!


His bright & beautiful personality kept the attention of all the guests & the party never stopped!


Surveys say that guests remember 2 things: the brides dress & the entertainment. Our guests haven't stopped talking about our wedding party & I'm sure it will be a topic of converstaion for many, many more years. He was extremely easy to work with as well as flexible until the last dance.


I would choose Michael a million times over as well as recommend him in anyone that likes to have a great time!!


Brooke Westmoreland, Smithville, NJ



""Michael was, simply put, the BEST Wedding Decision I Made (other than the groom, of course!)"


"What can be said as a former bride?  Michael was, simply put, the BEST wedding decision I made (other than the groom, of course!).


He met with me and my fiance before our wedding, went over our musical tastes, and was very open to some of the challenges we presented (think, Orthodox Jewish wedding, with Haitian music for our friends).


Not only was he able to get all the music we wanted, but he was on his toes the entire night, making sure that the entertainment met the mood, and keeping people on the dance floor. It was a blast, and while one or two other things may have gone amiss, I knew I NEVER had to worry about Michael!"


Hannah Stern Serbin, Brooklyn, NY



""You said from the very beginning you would take care of everything and wow, you really did."


"Michael, You were GREAT. Everyone loved you and thought you were amazing. You really know what you’re doing. You said from the very beginning you would take care of everything and wow, you really did. It was a great night. Thank you so much."


Amanda  Dunn Jaggi, Bayside, NY



""I could not Imagine a Better Evening."


"Dear Michael.


We wanted to tell you how wonderful you made our wedding. We wanted a party that had everyone dancing from beginning to end and you delivered that in a big way.


You came up to us with last minute suggestions for our entrance and you were right on! It felt amazing! And the music selections during the party were right on. DJ Steve was excellent.


Our family and friends were very impressed with the entire party and you will be hearing from many of them. We can’t wait to see the video of everything we missed. Once again thank you, thank you, thank you. I could not imagine a better evening."


Affectionately yours, THE BULLARDS, Dix Hills, NY

People will  forget  what  you said.  People will  forget what you did.  But  people  will  never  forget how you made  them  feel.      Maya Angelou

Bar/Bat Mitzvah Appreciation


"It was the best party we've ever been to"




Thank you so much for the amazing party you put together for Angelika's bat mitzvah!


LSNY doesn't just provide entertainment; it provides the energy and atmosphere that are the makings of an event people will always remember. I can't tell you how many people have called us to talk about the wonderful time they had. It was the best party we've ever been to, and we could not have done it without you.


As I'm sure you remember, when we started talking almost a year ago, Alex and I were having a difficult time choosing a venue. The only one that seemed to work at that point was outside the city and wouldn't have been convenient for our out of town guests. Even before we signed on with LSNY you were generous with your time and connected us with potential locations we hadn't considered.


Your insights especially about how the layout of the event space would affect the dynamics of the party allowed us to choose a venue that worked with our budget and was absolutely top notch. Everything about the bat mitzvah was done with incredible professionalism and attention to detail.


There's a lot of anxiety in planning a large party for the first time, but I felt constantly reassured that everything was being taken care of. I always felt free to call you for support and you were always gracious, available and incredibly responsive it seemed that no matter the time of day or night, I could expect a call or an email from you within minutes!


You sent draft after draft of how the evening would unfold, always coming up with suggestions about how to fill 10 minutes here or 15 minutes there, make sure all of the meal courses and other activities were coordinated and get the attention of the room for toasts, Candlelighting, etc. The result of your efforts was a party where everyone was engaged from start to finish and there was never a dull moment.


Michael, the investment we made in LSNY paid off handsomely. We got a lot more party for our money than we could ever have expected. It was truly the night of our lives.



Ken Alberstadt, NYC


"Best DJ Experience They've Had at a Bat Mitzvah...is What They Will Remember"


"Dear Michael,


I hope all is well. I want to say thank you for giving our daughter and our more than 250 guests an incredible evening of music and entertainment. Originally, my daughter saw you at a Bat Mitzvah and told us she wanted you as her entertainment. After we met you, we knew you had the kindness of spirit and experience to do a great job.


You were a pleasure to work with during the whole preparation process. Each time I emailed you with suggestions, you told me not to worry and you were indeed right. Guests came over to us afterwards and called us to say that it was the best DJ experience they've had at a Bat Mitzvah; that is what they will remember.


We loved the candle lighting and the way your dancers coordinated their moves with the dance styles mentioned with each candle. Your staff could not have been more professional and cordial. You did an awesome job interacting with both the adults and the children. The evening was very memorable and we really appreciate the energy and warmth that you infused into the evening.


We look forward to seeing you in four years for the last of our four Bar/Bat Mitzvahs.



Peter Kash, New City, NY ​


"It was the Best Night of our Lives"


"Dear Michael,


Having you and your amazing team at Sammi's Bat Mitzvah was instrumental to it being such a wonderful and warm party. We said it all on the video it was the best night of our lives.


You are absolutely a gem to work with and I wouldn't have a life event without you!


With love and appreciation,"

Pam Brown, Sarasota, FL


"...the Best Party We've ever Been to"


"Ann -Michael this was probably the finest bat mitzvah party (I’ve ever)---


Carly – (Very excitedly talking over mom) All my friends were like ‘This was the BEST!’ This RANKS UP OVER ALL MY OTHER FRIENDS---

Ann – All OUR Friends, our GROWN UP friends--–


Alan (dad) – You did a really, really nice job. Thank you.


Ann – All of our grown friends came up to us with these doe eyes saying ‘this was the best party we’ve ever been to.’ And we really appreciate you taking care of all the details, just making everyone feel so good, um…we can’t do this –


Carly – I made the lollipops


Alan – I also just want to say that your initiative at the beginning was also very impressive and I thank you for that.


Ann – Alan told me about this. You didn’t give a hard sell. You just said these are our services. You showed them


Alan – What you could do and can do…so again thank you so much."


The Siege Family,

Park Slope, Brooklyn, NY


"...this Bar Mitzvah was the Best Day of His Life so Far"


"Dear Michael,


I am writing to express my deepest appreciation to you for helping us to plan Joey's Bar Mitzvah and to M.C. Yarnell for a truly smashing party!


If you ask Joey, he will tell you that his Bar Mitzvah was the best day of his life so far, and I know that Yarnell was a big part of it. Yarnell was a master at engaging all the kids and adults at the party. I cant tell you how many people friends and family, young and old alike -- told us what a wonderful time they had.


But perhaps the greatest compliment I can convey is the number of families who asked me," Where did you find Yarnell? We want him to M.C. at our event?"

As you know, we referred at least 3 families to you and Yarnell for Bnai mitzvah parties, and they were as thrilled as we were!


I also want to extend my appreciation to you for your assistance in planning Joey Bar Mitzvah party. You were with us at every step along the way helping us plan the sequence of events, logistics, room set up, lighting, music, games, and on and on. You are truly one of the finest professionals I have ever worked with. Whenever I had a question or concern, you were always available to assist us, and there were many instances when you anticipated our questions and contacted us before we even had a chance to pick up the phone or shoot an email to you. If I ever have the opportunity to plan another event myself or to recommend a party planner and M.C. to a friend, I won't hesitate to call on L.S.N.Y., Michael Sage Schindler and M.C. Yarnell. If any of your potential clients are looking for a reference, please don't hesitate to share my letter with them or to have them contact me directly.



Susan Klitzman,

Park Slope - Brooklyn, NY 


"You saved our butts... May 7 was one of the Most Amazing Nights of our Lives!" 


"Dear Michael,


Catherine and I want to thank you from our deepest heart for your participation in Hannah and Isaiah's Bnai Mitzvah party at The Grove. May 7 was one of the most amazing nights of our lives!


Since we had seen you in action with your team many times before, there was no question, no searching, no negotiation as to who would be the Entertainer at our event. In a way its odd to have one absolute choice among the hundreds of choices we needed to make for the party- put simply we had phenomenal times at all the other parties at which you MC'd and to us, for our party, you raised the bar even higher!


What we found to be unusually positive was the creative tension between us. What I mean by example is your suggestion that we try to create a family dance routine which evolved into "Thriller". To us this elevated our involvement in the party. We had a creative stake, which could not lose as it was all in good fun and humor.


Our guests were enchanted and we were sparked! We also need to thank you for your quick thinking- which kept the party flowing seamlessly, when Hannah and Isaiah's entrance video failed to play in the brand new state of the art computer equipment!!! Even though you had nothing to do with the glitch, you saved our butts.


As the MC you redirected the focus perfectly and the guests had no recollection of any mistakes. Thank you.We loved your white outfit . We thought the dancers were engaging and humble and they do look so good. They kept us all in motion- even Grandpa from San Francisco whom I've NEVER seen dance. All in all, it was one of our greatest evenings. Thank you Michael"


Catherine Brown and Larry Kramer

Cedar Grove, NJ


"Sara felt that it was the best day of her life!!"


Dear Michael -


What can I say but thank you, thank you, thank you!!


You and your crew really helped make Sara's day incredibly special for us all. Two weeks after the big event, I can finally sit back and reflect on how truly wonderful the Bat Mitzvah was. Your advice on the kids' cocktail hour activities was right on -- the high-definition photo booth, karaoke station and basketball were the exact combination that we were looking for. And everyone loved the basketball net hats!!


Best of all, the party was the high-energy, all-involved affair that we wanted. From my 3-year old niece to my 95-year old grandmother to my college friends who had never attended a Bat Mitzvah, everyone was up and dancing along with your great dance team. The music was fabulous, you were fabulous!!


You worked so well with the Beach Point staff -- the party went off without a hitch. We couldn't have been happier with the result, and most importantly,

Sara felt that it was the best day of her life!!


Best regards,

Gail and Larry Dobosh,

Westchester, NY


"Your staff is Excellent, they show Enormous Patience and Rapport"


"Dear Michael,


Thank you again for making Ben’s Bar Mitzvah reception so incredible! Ben couldn’t have been happier, Andy and I had the best time and our guests are still telling us (and everybody else!) what fun they had.


Everywhere I go, people tell me that they heard how great the party was! I could easily write paragraphs of praise but this is the bottom line: Lightning Shakes New York is simply the best party entertainment in the business.


We have been to well over thirty Bar Mitzvahs in the past few years so we certainly can draw comparisons, and you surpass all!


Your staff is excellent, they show enormous patience and rapport with the kids and they are completely professional. Most importantly, your delightful personality, expert showmanship and openhearted manner makes everyone feel comfortable and upbeat (and never upstages the Bar Mitzvah child).


You faced a big challenge with Ben’s party, because your exceptional performance at Dana’s Bat Mitzvah three years earlier raised all of our expectations. But Ben’s party exceeded all! Lighting, music, fog, giveaways, games, dancers, d j and most especially, you, were all terrific and each element was more special that we had hoped for.


I also greatly appreciated your responsiveness, enthusiasm and attention to detail in the planning stages. These milestone occasions are stressful to arrange but you are a pleasure to work with. We wish you continued success and thank you from the bottom of our hearts.


With warmest regards"

Marcia Kalfas

Montvale, NJ 


"It was by far the "Best" Day in our Lives (with the exception of the day our kids were born!)" 


"Dear Michael,


We had THE BEST time, and for each of us it was by far the "best" day in our lives (with the exception of the day our kids were born!)


That says a lot.Also, what it speaks to is how great the party was because of YOU! Michael, you and your staff were so incredible, and I have been getting feedback like this all day.


As I kept telling you at the reception, everyone wanted to know "who is the DJ?" and saying how terrific you were. "So warm, and exceptional." Of course, I said I knew what I was doing when I hired you!!


Truly, Michael, you have a gift of making the party fun for both kids and adults and that is not easy to do. Just watching the video, we can see it's like constant motion for you, your DJ and dancers, and we feel so fortunate to have "found" you to make our party great! Willie was THRILLED.


And, so many people commented on how the adults were dancing almost the entire time.I know you must evaluate the "success" in your own professional way, but from our perspective, it was absolutely FABULOUS! Both Peter and I were thrilled and hope you stay in this business for a really long time (at least until my two other sons are through their Bar Mitzvahs -- scary thought!)


Okay, Michael, mazel tov and good luck with your own big event -- your wedding! -- and thank you again.


Warmest regards,"

Heidi Candell

Scarsdale, NY


"Everyone (including my mother) totally enjoyed themselves."


"Dear Michael,


We can't thank you enough for the fabulous job that you did for Hannah's party. Everyone (including my mother) totally enjoyed themselves. It was all the more special because of our relationship with you. Thank you so much for everything.




Paulette Douglas



"I don’t think the party could have gone any better." 




i know that gary has already sent you a thank you, but i also wanted to say thanks!!


you were every bit as wonderful as i remembered 4 years ago. i don’t think the party could have gone any better.


from the first minute that everyone took the dance floor things rolled, i am sure that is not always the case.


that is a credit to you and the band. while i am still exhausted from the whole event, i do begin to think about jackson's bar mitzvah in 07( not all that far off) and hope you will be there to again rock the crowd!!!


i however, might need some private dance lessons to keep up with you, you are also an amazing dancer!! ok, enough gushing, i do hope you and gary can get a round in now that spring is finally upon us (where was it last weekend?) and we will speak about our future plans.you are terrific and adorable thanks again,


liz kramer

New Vernon, NJ - (LSNY provided band, DJ, lighting, screens and platforms - decor by Martha Baum)


"Best DJ experience ever! People who don’t like DJ’s liked you. My mother liked you."




You outdid yourself. The music selection, the pacing, the way you and your team interacted with our guests was beyond belief. Every single person we’ve spoken to (and there have been many) have commented about how great you were (how often does that happen!)


Best DJ experience ever!


There was one tune you pulled out (a funk/dance song that I’m spacing on now) that I forgot existed but if I remembered I would have asked you to play it and you did. UNCANNY! I hope it’s on the video (or perhaps you can help me remember).


Our friends, our kids, everyone had a blast. People who don’t like DJ’s liked you. My mother liked you. Save the mix! Use it again. Whatever you did that night, bottle it!


With gratitude and affection,

David and Amy Sass

P.S. Mighty High indeed – you made it work again! 


"Our Kids Had the Time of their Lives"


"We had an absolutely amazing experience with Michael and his team at our twins Bnai Mitzvah. After speaking at length with my husband and I, and our kids about our goals for the party, and how we wanted to balance dancing, games, speaking and tradition, Michael got it exactly. 

Thanks to LSNY Events, our day was a dream come true. Michael created a environment that was invigorating, hilarious, sweet and accepting so that even our academic in laws danced up a storm, our kids shyer friends were out there having a great time and our kids had the time of their lives. 

When we told Michael our son liked to break dance, Michael hand picked a few amazing break dancers for performers. These guys both did their amazing moves and gave our son the spotlight, bringing everyone around in a circle to cheer for him and keep the energy going. 

When it was time for toasts, the Hora, and candle lighting, Michael sensitively found the perfect music, pace and mood. I strongly recommend LSNY Events and can't thank them enough for a tremendous day and wonderful memories."


Thank you for eveerything,

Dr. Amy Bloch

Irvington, NY 



Please excuse the video quality this was not done by LSNY Videos, but the essence of the wedding is all there. Enjoy.

"...couldn't believe it was a Sunday afternoon affair"


"Michael and his entire team at Lightning Shakes NY facilitated an outstanding Bar Mitzvah!

Many of our guests couldn't believe it was a Sunday afternoon affair.
It had the look and feel and energy level of a Saturday night party.

Michael's dance team was amazing.  Our guests are still talking about it.
We added a saxophone player and drummer as well.
Michael was referred to us by a friend at our temple and he did not disappoint.
We liked the fact that included in his price were games during the cocktail hour.
The only extra was the pop-a-shot and his crew had it set up for the cocktail hour and then seemlessly broke it down and
reconfigured it in the main room in advance of the main doors opening.

We used his photo booth as well, which was a lot of fun.  
We didn't want to do frames and he was able to get us vinyl sleeves and tassels so the pictures can be placed in the sleeves and it became a bookmark.

Our venue had built in lighting so we used the venue's lighting; however, you can use Michael as a one stop shop for lighting, video, photography and more.

I selected 20 songs in advance, I didn't keep track but the DJ knew exactly what was current and the music and flow was excellent.

We also did a trivia game suggested by Michael.

He provided a very good checklist as well.

We recommend Michael and his team for your next affair, you will be very pleased!"


Melissa Rosenberg

Howarth, NJ


"My mother LOVED it, and she is a hard to please person!!!"


"Hi Michael,

WE LOVED THE PARTY!!!! You are your group were the best part and made the whole party really perfect!!!!  The dance floor was filled the whole time and everyone loved it, even the older adults.  And so many of my friends (whose children are younger) commented that you were a perfect MC, really smooth, (not at all in your face aggressive, which they don't like,), great with the kids, had so many great games/dance games/ideas throughout the entire party and made it fun for the full 4 hours!  and that Lightning Photo Booth was the BIGGEST HIT!!!  My mother LOVED it, and she is a hard to please person!!!  It was a great day and I could not even sleep last night because I was too wired thinking about the day.

Also, I loved your dancers and EVERYONE commented how nice and professional and spirited dancers they were.  

Thank you again and I'll definitely recommend you to anyone and everyone planning a party going forward.  And our family really looks forward to seeing your LSNY employees at the next NYU Holiday party!  

Thanks again for making the day so outstanding!!!!! " 

Best Regards,

Barrie and Steve Shackman



"Choosing LSNY was simply the best choice we could have made!"


"Choosing Michael and LSNY to provide entertainment, master of ceremonies (which was timed perfectly with both the food service and "special moments" we had planned), as well as lighting/staging - was simply the best choice we could have made in making certain our daughter's simcha after her Bat Mitzvah was an amazing and unforgettable event.

The kids' energy was kept focused, and they've repeatedly told our daughter that her party was "the best"; the games during cocktail hour were a blast and once in the ballroom somehow Michael managed to fit games such as "coke/Pepsi " for the kids; and tons of dancing fun for everyone - including songs preferred by the "older crowd".

LSNY was incredible from the start, throughout the planning all the way, and never stopped being wonderful.

We could not have hoped for anything more and plan to hire them again in the future."


Renee Alexander



"...the Best Day of All of our Lives...No one has stopped talking about"


"We just had an incredible Bat Mitzvah and used Michael and his whole team! We had 5 amazing dancers, Michael as the DJ, used his videographer and photographer.


He totally exceeded our expectations. This party was not only the best day of all of our lives, but the party that no one has stopped talking about for the past 2 weeks!!!


We had the affair at The Cedar Hill Country club in Livingston, NJ. The event went off without a hitch. I dare say it was flawless. Having been through 1 other Bat mitzvah before this, I can tell you there was a WIDE difference between them. Michael is professional, engaging and truly a pleasure to work with.

The photo booth was also AMAZING! We had a candy theme, so Michael made many of the backgrounds with real candy photographs.


It was that extra touch that made it even sweeter."


Sandra Charlap

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