Since this is a very important occasion and many sweet 16's care about making a good impression, an all-time Top 10 party starts with preparation.  The creativity in the beginning makes a HUGE Difference.


Nothing is more awesome than having your guests walk into a well decorated, lit up themed party venue.  It really enhances the mood, atmosphere, and fun.




With Sweet 16s if everything is taken care of in advance and great executing in implementing your creative ideas happens -  planning the rest is simple:  


It's all about 3 things:

  1. The style, atmosphere and hipness in the room.  

  2. Creating a strong feeling of connection and fun

  3. Keeping the energy moving and the DJ's ability to mix a phenomenal party.


LSNY Events will make sure you get it all. We whole heartedly support creative thoughts and bringing ideas to life; our team helps create memorable experiences for your guest of honor and her friends making sure it the night feels Fresh and Alive while keeping everyone entertained.


A common theme, utilized often for sweet sixteen celebrations, is the Hollywood Awards Ceremony. A entry walk on the red carpet serves as the grand entrance. People can take photos in front of a printed wall called a Step and Repeat and have a small presentation where they can give out awards such as 'Best Dressed' and 'Most Inspired' for family and friends.


One of the hottest must have trends is having a photo booth.


This is the ideal ice breaker and instant party starter. Everyone loves going into the booth - our booth can have as many as 10 in at the same time - and taking one strip putting it in the guest of honor's book with a signed message from their friends.


Unlimited photos insure whenever the guests break from dancing they have something fun to do.


Ideas are endless and we want to encourage different ideas. A 70s Disco party, a henna tattoo party, a karaoke party, a Dancing with the Stars party all are cool ideas a girl may choose for her theme. Call us today and plan your one-of-a-kind sweet sixteen celebration! Or press the Request Info button on the Right.

Dear Michael,  


I write both to you and to any potential client considering your services.


First, I extend my heartfelt thanks to you and your team for the critical role you played in helping to make my daughter Leilas Sweet 16 the extraordinarily memorable event it will always be.  


To anyone considering hiring you, I have a lot to say about why you are the right choice.  You are much more than a DJ or an MC. You are a director, party planner and co-creator of the event.


You earned our trust by being available to both us, the parents, and our daughter to answer our questions. You guided us through the planning of the event from big things like the schedule and flow for the night to the details like making up personalized logo for the screen and reminding us to unwrap the giveaways so as not to create a mess and waste time during the party.


The night of the event, your experience and attention was evident when we saw you making the necessary adjustments to keep the party going and building energy through the night. You also were in regular communication with us which helped us actually enjoy the event knowing that the 115(!) kids and the night were in good hands.


The last thing I will say is that leading up to the party, my wife was second guessing the decision to go with you because you were the more expensive DJ.  As I said earlier, you are much more than a DJ. At the end of the night, she told me that you were worth every penny!  Thanks again for everything. The energy was great. Our guests will be talking about this party for a long time to come.


Best Regards,

Jay Shevins

Sweet 16s

Sweet 16s