What Makes You Special? And How Do I know if Something is REALLY Extraordinary?

Originally Posted on January 19, 2012, re-edited August 10, 2015

Ah Yes. The Question.

This is a question we ask ourselves about ourselves and our businesses all the time. I

ask it to better understand who we are and where we're going?

What we want to do. And how to get better at it.

It' something our clients absolutely want to know. What makes you unique? What differentiates you?

What is it you do so well or so wonderfully that you truly appreciate yourself for it, AND other people recognize it and want you for it?

That is your special quality and essence that draws people to you.

For us as a company LSNY EVENTS we offer 5 specific services that are uniquely us:

1. The Lightning Photo Booth.

2. The Ultimate Games Master.

3. Special Event Live Choreography – for weddings, mitzvahs, and corporate events, both rehearsed and spontaneous.

4. Our Proprietary Team Buiding Solution - The Ultimate Quizball Spectacular

5. The Comprehensive In Depth Schedule of EVENTS/ Run of Party that has been touted by event industry folks as one of the most welcomed, easy to follow, complete. client-championed schedules.

That's not all or what makes us unique, just some of our own special tools we use. And while that helps to differentiate us, it's not what makes us extraordinary.

What we offer to our clients and their guests that differentiates us probably more than anything is our ability to have our clients and their guests feel AUTHENTIC JOY .

There are hundreds and easily thousands of companies doing mitzvahs, weddings, and private event entertainment in our treasured NYC metro area.

Most if not all are fully capable of peforming the job as planned and meeting clients' expectation.

But there are a handful of people and companies that stand out in every industry. Apple, Disney,

It’s not by accident that these companies rise above. They consider the minute details and don't let anything slip by. You’ve seen it. You recognize it. These are the elite talented individuals and artists in their fields that produce something different. They create the Extraordinary.

Barnum and Bailey was the circus for 65 years. The 3 ring circus with the ringleader.

Then Cirque du Soleil came along and changed everything. Cirque brought a passion and artistry, and heart to their acts that hadn't been seen before.

It wasn’t just that they could do crazy new feats.

They changed the way it was being done. They want to completely grab us EVERY SINGLE MOMENT and mesmerize us. And they wanted to take us on an amazing journey from beginning to end.

Blue Man Group does the same thing. They took an idea to use music, art and pop culture to blow us away with their multimedia experience. And were entertained and moved by the message. They bound it all together creating a masterful performance that was interactive with us as well. In fact that's what made it SO great.

This was particular thrilling for me because I worked and hung out with those 3 guys creators back in our humble beginnings as catering waiters in NYC.

When it comes to mitzvahs, weddings and special event entertainment, it has a lot to do with music, energy and spectacle,

BUT those are really just tools we use.

In the end, it’s how everything is used by to capture your undivided loyatly, interest and imagination that makes the impact that lasts, and for us it's all about the interaction with people.

Connecting with you and magnifying your celebratory energy is the difference between performer and artist.

An artist here goes beyond the performance by using his or her gifts to reach out to you and engage you with you to heighten your experience.

To be an Extraordinary Artist in special event entertainment for Mitzvahs, Weddings and Corporate Appreciation, like all the above stand outs,it depends on these gifted artists having the means and the CARE ENOUGH to bring you that experience of AUTHENTIC JOY.

The goal is amazing, fun and

exhilarating people and ultimately incredible parties.

The key word is exhilarating.

Extraordinary Artists know the difference between exhilarating, exhausting and excruciating.

Many companies strategies to get there involve putting the throttle down from moment one. Pushing hard and loud

the whole way.

Exraordinary artists know that in order to create exhiliaration there has to be a feeling of engagement throughout.

When entertainment is being forced fed to us It can feel like it's being demanded. That's when people will not naturally engage or participate. They may be polite about it, but still not compelled to join in.

Exhiliaration can never be demanded. It comes as a natural attraction and participation in something you are enjoying.

Exhiliaration cannot be DEMANDED. YOU CAN ONLY ATTRACT IT.

Exhiliaration is what produces the GREAT FEELINGS in the moment and se

And that’s where the great folks at LSNY EVENTS personally discovered our greatest virtue and exraordinary difference. Like Cirque du Soliel we've been able to invite people to join us at that place and co create it with us.

We remove the barriers to that for our clients and their guests.

Music, lighting, video, decor, entertainers all create the spark, desire and excitement, but to be TRULY compelling one has to be fully present and open with your heart.

There are some groups of guests that are completely ready to go for it at the start of the party and will thrive on high energy. There are others that are may b e a bit more reserved, that need some wooing, kindness, appreciation, and warming up to get there.

If a company can be present, recognize and start with that and take them from wherever the guests are to the peak of excitement without FORCING them to go there, then the energy in that room is fully ALIVE. It pulsates. YOU WANT TO DANCE. It FEELS different. Fresher. Lighter. Livelier. More Joyful.

This is what those Extraordinary people in our industry are able to give to their clients.

This is what we have aspired to, dedicated ourselves to and have worked very hard to make it become so effortless for you.

That's how we know when something is truly extraordinary.

What do you think? Leave a comment.

For more information on this or any other entertainment topic please feel free to call me.

Here’s to your greatest celebrations!

Michael Sage Schindler


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