NEW: THE MUST READ for any Bar Mitzvah Parent - AN ASTONISHING Eye Opener

A unique and mysterious phenomenon has been happening at our parties for the last 20 years, and today we finally identified what it was:



Yes. Surprise.

Our clients and guests are Surprised at how euphoric they actually feel at their events with us.

We've been seeing it for years, but we just didn't catch it.. It was there it was just when someone is sharing with you their pure appreciation and joy it just overshadows it.

But last week when numerous people came up to us I couldn't help but recognize it. The way they were saying how amazing the party was had SURPRISE in it.

Not surprise like a Surprise party – where the honoree is shocked and taken back, but Astonishment. Like “how did you do that? How is it possible we feel this way?"

This is the greatest part of what we do. We're honored and thrilled to elicit and inspire joy in people, there's nothing better, but we were surprised ourselves to realize they were surprised.

I couldn't help but wonder why was it surprising?

Weren't they expecting to feel overjoyed at these kind of events? Maybe they aren't. We assume that's what's happening at the thousands of parties going on each weekend.

I simply did not expect that people would be astonished to feel so good.

As a director of special events and master of ceremonies who celebrates life and achievements for a living, I'm passionate about creating the most wonderful experiences.

I study joy. I've become a “joy detective” if you will. Where does it come from? How does it happen? How can we make sure people are experiencing the real thing?

Now I was really curious to know why is it people were astonished...

3 things happened this weekend in a way that revealed it clearly for me:

ONE: We had a Bar Mitzvah party on Saturday afternoon at the Brooklyn Bridge Marriott.

TWO: On Sunday we were hired to bring our photo booth to a Bar Mitzvah party in NYC. The client had hired another DJ company there for the main entertainment: Music, lighting, DJ and dancers. When we weren’t working we got to observe front and center the other entertainment company.

THREE: I spoke with a very dear friend of mine who is one of the most insightful energy and


peak performance specialists in the country. Ron NaVarre.

I relayed to Ron how amazing our party on Saturday afternoon was. At the end, a great grandmother accompanied by her niece came up to us and said, “I’m 91 years old and I’ve been to A LOT of Bar Mitzvahs in my time…this was the BEST Bar Mitzvah I’ve EVER seen. You were FABULOUS!” (See the video by clicking the hyperlink)

It was stunning to hear this right after we had fifty 13 year olds kids and their parents partying like crazy with us for 4 hours.

Then her niece said, “This was the BEST Bar Mitzvah party I’ve ever been to in my life. You were AMAZING!” (See the video by clicking the hyperlink).

We got an even more amazing review from our client..."BEST PARTY ENTERTAINMENT COMPANY EVER!..." the full review is at the LSNY Facebook Page 2nd one down.

I told Ron after speaking with other guests that there I noticed this hint of surprise in their faces and expression.

I was thinking about the great grandmother if she were at the Sunday party in the city. The music was really loud. If our ear threshold for what’s tolerable is a 10, they were playing at 9. And to compensate so the MC could be heard above the music, he was popping the microphone at around a 11 or 12. The last 40 minutes the music was at 11 and the MC was at 13. It was ear splitting, and without my ear plugs ...well...

So I said can you imagine the great grandmother at this party? Do you think she would have felt the same way about that party?

Ron said, “Michael that’s how it is at every party I’ve ever been to. I just realized that when we were talking. These parties feel like an assault. That’s why I don’t like to go. People know they’re going to be put through this “Shock and Awe”, and they can’t really just enjoy themselves. You just go and brace yourself for it.”


And it began to crystalize for me right there. It was like shock and awe. It didn't feel like a celebration come to think of it. More like a party "boot camp". The guests are the enlisted soldiers being commanded what to do. And he was right, each bar mitzvah and even some weddings I’ve been to with the photo booth with other companies performing.

Probably 25 outside jobs in the past year...had the same operating process: Music at 9 or 10, MC at 12 or 13 to be able to be heard above the music threshold. When we reviewed back the year before another 20 odd outside parties it was the same. There seemed to be formula that most companies followed.

To my Mitzvah Parents out there: Is this what you have been experiencing? Leave a comment for us at the bottom. Let's do a more thorogh survey about this.

Back to this Sunday party I began to play the event back. Once they went on after cocktail hour, the music went up, and the MC was booming orders. Kids were not really following. Some dancing but not much. You can tell a crowd is fully engaged or going through the motions. The adults were nowhere near the floor.

Ron continued, “This is what’s happening at every party; so this is what people expect. They know for the next couple of hours they are being held “hostage” by the MC. There’s going to be a barrage of commands coming. So it's an onslaught that has to be endured. It’s just not fun, and borders on hard to bear. They're creating agitation not excitement. You’re the only company I’ve ever seen that does it differently. You engage rather than demand, and people love it.”

That was it. In one clear moment I got why our clients, guests, families and kids were astonished.

If this is what is SO prevalent with Bar Mitzvahs at other parties there's no wonder our guests were responding with Astonishment…. They’re not expecting to feel good - let alone happy, joyful or filled with love.

Our approach is different: We invite and appreicate our guests into the celebration. Our MCs inspired and encourage guests to come alive, as opposed to commanding them to follow and get excited. Our performers are friendly, awesome and happy to be there for you, not playing the role of "interested". They want to be there. So you'd never find them disappearing during the party. We encourage people to collaborate with us to to raise the excitement instead of ordering them to participate or guilting them for a poor effort. Our guests are able to: be, hear, listen, and relax, LET GO. Take their armor off and enjoy the freedom and, warmth of a beautiful, joyful experience.

If the other way is all people have really known from attending parties people probably don’t believe it’s possible to have it any other way. They only know what they've seen and felt. I can attest myself Agitation is definitely the best route to Excitment.

Have you experienced this? Has the MC been so loud you can't even think your own thoughts? Do you find yourself more agitated than excited at these parties? Again PLEASE leave comments for us about your experiences at the bottom!

This explains so much about the getting to know you – pre booking process and why people start out basing a budget on best dollar value rather than greatest experiential value.

“Why should we pay more when it's going to be the same thing wherever we go? We’re just going to get blasted the same by whoever we pick why spend a dollar more for it?”

I agree totally with that argument…if that were actually true. It's not. It can be SO TOTALLY different.

What if you could experience a party that's Mind Blowingly, Heart Embracingly better?

What if it was so different you could have the best party of your life? What if you could have the best day of your life at a celebration you threw for your child? Yourself? Your relatives? Your business?

Imagine being Surprised and Astonished at how great you feel and how great your party was? How would you like your guests to feel that?

Now that I’ve seen our industry and parties through your eyes and ears, I’m so proud delighted and excited to let you know you CAN have it differently! Our team of artists and staff promise it, get it, make it and deliver it. It’s our sole mission to you.

We walk that walk and dance that dance.

Here are 6 answers to your unasked questions that you may have wanted to know:

  • Yes there is a way to have a great party without your guests being assaulted by music volume or MCs.

  • Yes there is a way to ENJOY, come together, love and adore your family and friends at a Bar/Bat Mitzvah setting that offers you freedom, excitement and pure joy and nothing to take away from your personal enjoyment.

  • Yes there is a way to do a party where you get to leave your armor at home.

  • Yes there is a way to interact with kids that keeps them involved, interested, invested AND having fun WITHOUT their mobile phones.

  • Yes you don’t have to drink heavily just to endure it, you can drink to enjoy it.

  • Yes it really could end up being one of the best days of your lifetime.

If you have a choice between having to endure another onslaught and save a few dollars and having one of the great days of your life which could be priceless, I hope you’ll give some weight to the very real possibility you will be ASTONISHED if you have us there.

Let me know how you feel, do you agree, disagree, love it, hate it, tell us about it!

Remember you are Extraordinary...,

We help make sure everyone knows it,

Michael Sage Schindler


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