Called "the Cirque du Soliel of DJ Companies" and Mitzvah Euphoria... Greatest Compliments Ever

What's the BEST Compliment you ever got in your life?

Think back. Probably won't take too long. The best compliment creates an emotional peak that easily recalls the words and the feeling. The greatest compliment can often be something that shapes you and helps define your value to yourself and others for a lifetime.

For me professionally it's 2 things:

1 - "This was the greatest day of my life." Which clients have said 16 times to our company.

2 - "You are the Cirque Du Soliel of DJ Companies"

The first one will always be the greatest compliment ever. All our people, staff, designers and crews have been motivated by that compliment, and it has determined our goals for everything we do.

The 2nd compliment is how we make the first one happen.

Those that know me and our team, know we offer our clients the full benefit of our background, experiences in professional theater, music, video, TV and film of some 2000 special events. And we made a decision early on to and respectfully offer the truth even if it may go against the grain a bit, over a yessing sales pitch.

We risk saying things to clarify and educate so clients can make a more empowered choice, even if its not us. We want people to have the greatest experience they possibly can at their special events, so if information we share helps them avoid pitfalls to have a great event, than we've left them better for contacting us.

Plus I always feel like if we do the right thing by people it will come back around. And 23 years later there's some real proof of that.

A lot of people use the "apples to apples" analogy in order to figure spending and budgets. I do it myself. And when it's apples I agree. However, event entertainment can be a very expensive apple and people should have the opportunity to understand the value of what they're getting and why their investment is worthy or not. You'll see where I'm going in a mi

When I first saw Cirque Du Soliel I was BLOWN AWAY. Since then I have studied Cirque and what they uniquely brought to the circus. And the most impressive thing that they did was dropped the bombastic, command your attention, over the top approach to circus and made it a more subtle artistic experience. The other major thing they did besides putting extraordinary talent in original costumes, employing gorgeous design elements and marrying original music with movement; they figured out how to use interactive people that grabbed and held onto the audience completely from the first moment to the end. And then weave it all together though seamless flowing segues from big moments to small moments without a drop or sag.

And ultimately the interactive element was the single most powerful thing I'd ever seen. I was instantly drawn in by the clown MC David Shiner running through the audience "before the start" of the show stealing peoples' popcorn, taking peoples' hats and having people chase him around the audience trying to get their stuff back. It was hilarious and had me on the edge of my seat asking what the heck am I going to be seeing next?

It's the interactive element at Bar and Bat Mitzvahs that often create that same fresh and alive feeling (or most events for that matter) that often bring up the most controversy for clients.

Many clients shy away from having interactive performers (most call them "dancers" or "party motivators") because of their disappointing experiences at other parties they've seen.

They say they feel uncomfortable, annoyed, bothered, put out, etc….fill in your own blanks; forming negative opinions and beliefs about them.

And you know what? I absolutely agree with those assessment having seen dozens and dozens of parties where other companies both high end and low end were performing.

There are an overwhelming majority of performers who come into the special event industry that don't understand and are not prepared for interactive engagement. And they don't get the training and in all honesty NOT WELL suited for this work.

So many never even really know what it is that they are getting into. They think it's a performing gig. And they're performers so they're like SURE!. The problem is they are performers and not ENGAGERS.

Where the breakdown has always been is that Bar and Bat Mitzvahs need entertainers that engage, not dancers that perform. Or performers that dance. Mitzvahs need entergagers if you will.

These folks hired by other companies are told to "go out and get the party going. Get the guests dancing. Get the kids going. Make the family feel special." And they're left to figure out how to do that. But performers perform. That's what they do. Engaging is a different skill that comes from within.

And few owners and managers really know the difference let alone how to train people to engage. So there really isn't a standard other than looks and ability to dance of how they get hired.

So many companies really rely on the old style of Bombastic MCs to run the party. And the engagement level of the performers or lack of it is masked by the spectacle the MC gyrates. This is the standard style that is most often seen at Mitzvahs on the east coast.

That’s why being dubbed "The Cirque du Soliel of DJ Companies” meant so much to me. and where I think we have been able to change the game for our clients. People who have previously “hated” performers, actually are converts and rave about their experience they have with us. And the chemistry between the MC and the performers is best part of it.

We have a rare breed of amazing entertainers and enthusiastically engaging people that change the preconceived ways people have seen both "motivational dancers" and MCs.

The key is to find the naturally joyful performers, MCs and Interactive performers who are good people through and through AND want to do good. They also must have immense charisma and, talent, and are willing to go through the learning curve of HOW to engage.

They learn they that they aren't there for ego gratification or simply a paycheck. They’re there because they get to share what they LOVE and connect with people; and through this the raise peoples' spirits, engage their energies, empower, attract and inspire guests to be and become the BEST part of themselves. The difference is huge and the results are incredible.

This combination is what leads to what we call Mitzvah Euphoria. And it’s surprising for guests and clients alike to be feeling so good at a party, particularly if they've been to others and never felt this way.

Recently Annie Fine and David Frankel – two Brooklyn parents discovered this very thing as their son Eli who has never danced before at a party, was dancing his butt off at his own Bnai Mitzvah (with twin sis – Julia). Prior to the party Annie was concerned about having performers at her event. "There's not enough room"... and "the expense," etc. But she trusted me. And then the day came...They were shocked and delighted as Eli came up at the end and told his mom, “Mom….now I’m a dancer.” Annie was so happy, she said, "this opens him up socially to a whole new avenue of friends and people. I can't thank you enough."

I relay this story secondly, because David Frankel was also VERY concerned about the tone and feel of his party, so much so that he came to meet with me in person the week before at another party and said "I need make sure you understand I want a low key, not over the top party that still feels really good." After the party David had that look of Mitzvah Euphoria on his face and said "It WAS PERFECT!" The emotion that Annie and David felt, and the change that took place with Eli was primarily due to the efforts and talents of the LSNY Interactive performers.

When if comes to considering having performers or not for a Bar/Bat Mitzvah, most of what you perceived and thought from what you have seen is probably accurate. BUT it doesn't tell the whole tale. And hopefully now you know why and what happened.

Interactive Performers if they understand the job, and are trained can make a whole world of difference even if you may not have ever seen or experienced it before. Just like the first time you saw Cirque Du Soliel and realized this is not your father's circus.

I have seen the incredible value they bring to kids, guests and clients time and time again. It's one of the things I'm most proud of as a company, the complete investment they make.

Our way is never demanding, pushed or prodded. It organically rises out of the connection and mutual desire to be appreciate and celebrate the day. As a company we don't push or sell clients to spend more either. We don't tell them they NEED this or that from us.

But I believe it is important to clarify to our clients that there is a definable specific difference between LSNY performers and others, by virtue of the interactive training they've received, the talent, understanding, commitment to our mission to give our clients and their guest a top 10 day of their life experience.

So what was the best compliment you ever got? I'd love to know. Please share it with us in your comments and let us know what you think Interactive performers do make a difference at events.

Remember you are Extraordinary!

Michael Sage Schindler

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