The New LSNY EVENTS new website is online. Many years in the making. It has a more sleek and simple navigation with the emphasis back on visuals. If you have any comments for us about it I'd love to hear it. Please leave a comment below.

Our new Mission Statement is Be FULLY ALIVE and Go For the Extraordinay. This one was marinating for more than a decade. And once it was announced it fit our company like custom tailored suit... fit's like a glove is unavailalbe for a while (thanks Johnny Cochrane). But it really galvanized our company. We're more pumped then ever to deliver the greatest ever experiences.

More about that in another post or read what it means for our clients on our new website.

Green Screen Photo Booth - NYC, NY and NJ's Best Kept Secret and Most Fun Booth Ever

We've grown by leaps and bounds. So much to talk about. So many new innovations.


The Lightning Photo Booth has stayed searing hot over the last few months working for Jack and Jill of America, Becton Dickenson, and many other weddings and Bar Mitzvahs.

The NEW INNOVATION we came up with for the Jack & Jill of America party was to wirelessly send the photos to the video screens around the Copacabana as they were being taken. 9 Video screens showing the green screen booth photos during the event was a huge hit for the thousand guests and the great execs at J&J of America who booked us. The Copa Ballroom is the photo at the top of our post.

The next NEW INNOVATION for NYC Greatest Green Screen Photo Booth is instant uploading of photos to email addresses, and our unique photo broadcasting which allows a pre-event hyperlink to be created specifically for your event.

You can email that to your friends in advance or have it posted at the booth itself. Once guests sign in - they receive a notification every time a new photo is taken. Great for host and hostesses, and corporate executives to get real time images from an event their running.


LSNY continues to be the personal touch company, but we like to marry that with offering the newest coolest stuff you may not know about. For clients who want that something extra and have the means, we now offer - Flying Video - We can now take photos both regularly and aerially AND show them on any wall in the room through a flying hovering projector.

Yes the future is here now. This is a completely blow your guests mind service. And of course we can shoot aerial outdoor footage as well like a tracking camera from 25' up.

There's more but you have to call so I can tell you.

But since I always try to squeeze too much in my posts I'm going to keep them much shorter this year.So until the next one. Call us so I can tell you more about the above and how it can really enhance your events.


Remember you are Extraordinary.

Michael Sage Schindler

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