Photography and Video

Photography and Video

How important are photos to you?  Do you love a great video?  Seeing your loved ones enjoying themselves?  Watching your friends laugh or crack you up?  While a picture is worth a thousand words, an image that tells your story and captures the emotion and feeling of your moment is priceless.  It's what our cinematographers and photographers live for.  It's why we love photos.  

Wedding Photography NYC
Friendship in Photos
Wedding Photography NJ
Joy in Pictures
Capturing Joy Wedding Photography NY
Wedding Photography NY Photos
Wedding Photography NY
Wedding Photography NY Elegant Tones
Event Photography NY
The Deliciousness of Life
Remember the Day in Photos
Wedding Photography NJ Engagement
Capture the Action
Beauty and Drama Photography NY Photography NYC

The LSNY Cinematography Team has that special eye and timing that enhances what's already there, and helps the viewer feel what it must have been like to be there.   Call us today for the special offer of photo and cinematography combined for your special event.

LSNY Cinematography wizard Ambrose put these videos together.  We produced all the elements seen in the video with the exception of the actual entertainers and their sound equipment.  All photographic services, the lighting, the furniture, the dance floor, the custom monogram, the step and repeat, the booths were from LSNY EVENTS.  What I truly love though is the timing and feel of this highlight video.  At 2:20pm Marc (father of Ella) speaks words that we're all about.  Please watch and Enjoy!  If you'd like something like this for your special event, 

Call us at 917.204.9690 for a consultation.  Or if you like clicking - Click on the Get Your Free Bonus button below and contact us!

LSNY's photographic team draws our inspiration from the greatest visual artists like Annie Libovitz and Ansel Adams bringing using the newest technology to shoot with fresh young modern 21st century eyes.  The best of both worlds.  Events never looked so good.


We now offer the new 4K resolution high end cameras to our clients as well as slo-mo photo booths.


With editing skills to match the finest in Hollywood. The marriage of artistry coupled with their technical ability to utilize cutting edge software is a match made in photographic heaven for our clients.  

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