Pure joy.  How would you love to LOVE Everything that happens at your wedding? Would you be up for the best day you ever had?  Weddings are so much more than music, DJing, Lighting, and Visual Effects.  It's the most important people in your life coming together to laugh, sing, dance, love, rise up and be FREE....REVELING in your moment, in your joy.  Ultimately it's emotionally connecting to every single heart and having them feel that engulfing you and surrounding you in Pure Joy!  For the most Extraordinary Day of your lives please click below.


These are some of the greatest moments to share your pride and joy with your family, friends and co-workers. You've raised this beautiful child for 13 years.  A triumph surely worthy of the greatest celebration.  Beaming with pride, recalling the highlights, character and accomplishments of 13 years of mind blowing growth from this tiny being to this amazing human.  We honor this Bar/Bat Mitzvah as one of the greatest achievements in your life while  touching the hearts of all who attend.


Corporate Events

American Express, AIG, Pepsi, Harrah's, Goldman Sachs, and many, many more have chosen LSNY EVENTS to create unique, often way out of the box solutions for their company events.  Astonishing employees is a great goal.  Inspiring them and showing them you really care about them is EVEN BETTER.  Inspiring Conferences, Unique Team Building and Award Shows are a specialty niche of ours.  We collaborate with your team and put together a powerful team of artists and event meeting specialists to produce the perfect event message and effect.

Sweet 16s

The Glamor and Excitement of beautiful young ladies and gentleman.  The rush of adrenaline, the excitement, the fashion, the slammin dance party.  A Sweet 16 can be anything you want it to be. But mostly it should be incredibly vibrant and fun, leaving your daughter feeling like the happiest person alive.  

Galas & Holidays

LSNY EVENTS has celebrated with many wonderful national and local companies, organizations and charities helping to raise millions of dollars over the course of the last two decades. Our friendly, knowledgeable staff is very aware of the processes and challenges facing committees in bringing about a successful event. We help you through those with stress-relieving attention and effective planning and execution to details. Holiday parties are a breeze whether it's for 50 or 2000 people. Full lush production or just a casino night. LSNY has the right touch and solution.


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