"This was the BEST Night of my Life"


Early in life, director Michael Sage Schindler survived two life threatening accidents.  


Happily, he would fully recover from both.  But these 2 incidents followed by the passing of his adored grandfather had a profound effect in shaping his life. Before he had turned 10 he was powerfully aware of the preciousness and fragility of life.

He became impassioned with a burning desire to be fully alive and fully appreciate being alive. 


Making people laugh gave him the greatest joy.  He loved making people feel good.  As a teen and in college, he found an outlet in acting, writing, playing and singing music.  But it all came together for Michael later in NYC when he got into Special Events.  


Michael recognized a rare opportunity in Special Events.  Everything he wanted to do in life was found here.  The opportunity to connect with people in appreciation and celebrate an important moment in time. He had discovered what he was meant to do.  


Special Events offered opportunity to inspire and rally people to fully REVEL . He had been preparing for this his whole life and was uniquely qualified and gifted toward this end;  Skiills he learned over the years, music, rhythm, humor, comedy, his love of dance all worked wondefully in events. The biggest skill would develop from his passion to see others be joyfully alive.  


As Michael was slowly building LSNY Events over the years, his MC talent was recognized by others in the industry. He would be recruitted by 3 of the top tier special event companies in NYC.  This became the ultimate testing and training ground.  Seeing how million dollar entertainment companies worked and engaged with their clients. 


At the mid to high end, most companies are producing beautiful engagements.  The lighting and sets are very well done and impressive to the eye.  Very prestigious and professional looking. In actual performance once the sound turned on, and the lights illuminate that's where the distinctions subtle and obvious could be made.


It becomes clear that the bigger companies made the biggest investment is in the look and exterior, the power of the sound system.  


What was less obivous was that little attention or direction was paid to the tone of performance and how to complellingly engage the guests.  It was just believed it would happen.  This management method relies on the guests coming ready to do their part and step up to party.  When they do it's a huge success.  When they don't it often threw the company off kilter.  And this is where there weaknesses would be most exposed... This is why companies loved Michael.  He was the party whisperer.  He could come take over any event, any situation, any party and save it from oblivion and turn it into a celebration.


A true celebration brings people together and lifts them up.  It doesn't expect or demand things of them.  And this is what Michael brought to the table.  Michael understood people, nuance and tone and could make events feel inspired and companies look brilliant.  For this reason, he was always in big demand, being booked up 2 years in advance.  


Once Michael fully understood the bigger picture and how valuable he was to companies, he finished out his contracts and invested his full energies to his clients at LSNY EVENTS.   


LSNY's approach would be different.  We'd start out finding out who our clients really were and what they were looking to accomplish. Then we would align our services with our client's withes. The tone would feel a whole world different. Clients would intrinsically feel and know they were dealing with an authentic, caring, people-engaging company that produced highly polished, professional and outstanding special events. 


MIchael coached every single talented MC, DJ performer and support staff member in his company on the importance of creating meaningful appreciative connection.  This was the science behind a better forward flow to an inspired event. And they bought in whole heartedly.  And so did our clients.


Over the years the proof came.  Something well beyond the revelry of an incredible party and entertaining people began to emerge. Something beyond the momentary relief and acceptance of a beautiful celebration...something deeper, richer, longer lasting...something of real awe, they could feel a truly EXTRAORDINARY sort of LIFE EMBOSSED moment would happen.


it is THRILLING. It had a WOW effect.  Somewhere in each event became a jumping off place to the truly sensational.  One day Michael had the staff together before an event and to make sure they understood what was happening and it went something like this: 


"These are real people with real lives and stories, like us, with daily challenges and obstacles. They come together to support and celebrate a life moment.  Their life moment.  When they appreciate it with us, they will find it appreciating them back. We want to make sure they really feel that. Ultimately they just want to have FUN. Let go, be free and enjoy a piece of one of life's sweetest moments.  We walk in to party with strangers.  We become friends.  You have to Raise the bar of your expectations for yourself and what impact you can bring and what can happen. Imagine the Most Fantastic, the Most Fun, the Most Joy it could ever be and bring that to life.  Be FULLY Alive and PRESENT. Bring your Love and Appreciation. Use your creativity and with your open heart.  Take all that you have GIVE IT away freely.  You will notice something magical happen. Invite and Appreciate the CELEBRATION into being, rather than push or force it and KNOW the difference. Inspire this;  and welcome the Extraordinary to show up."


LSNY Events became known for the extraordinary experiences guests would have.  


In 2006 another level in our evolution leap happened when after an event, a very private, reclusive and stoic client declared, "This was the BEST Night of my Life". 


This was mind blowing. Prior to the event the client specifically let it be known he wanted nothing to do with the party other than to pay for it, hang at the bar and be left alone.  And this unexpected transformation took place, from a heart surgeon who saves peoples' lives on a daily basis.


An entertainer gives the audience what they want, an artist gives the audience something they didn't know they wanted


We simply hadn't imagined a party could produce that result.  We were elated.  We were proud.  Then...Could we do it again?  Is it repeatable?  


We had been so thrilled to hear that we helped deliver the Greatest Party ever #greatestpartyever which is we thought some of the highest praise we could hear.  And we'd be forntuate to hear that often. But to help people have the Best Night or Day in their life is a whole other level.  As Barney Stinson would say to impossible challenges on "How I met Your Mother"  Challenge accepted.  So our mission changed again. 


15 more letters over the last 7 years that a client or honoree had the Best Day of their Life at an LSNY EVENT proved this was beyond coincidence and changed us, and reshaped the way we approach our events and what's truly possible.  This goal is Extraordinary in the real sense of the word.  And that's what we aim for:  The EXTRAORDINARY. 


The Best Day of your Life is not something that can be sold, made or promised, there's many variables that come together for that to happen...probably more like a pitching a Perfect Game or getting a Hole in One; but starting with the intention, UNDERSTANDING how to align elements properly, attentive listening and planning, complete commitment to our clients' customer satisfaction through the process, and our clear motivation and dedication to bring this to life - it is absolutely possible, and more likely with the right group.  


And this is what stokes us. We study it. Review it. We play with it. Because we want THAT for our clients.  For you.  For yours.


Whether it's a milestone like a wedding or mitzvah, a Sweet 16, a company award show, a team building event or a fund raiser, we bring all of what we have to fully engage and connect with your guests as welcomed friends, warm them up, energize them, be enerized by them, amuse and delight, encourage, dazzle and amaze, and lay down a foundation for an super fun event AND for that something MORE. Our team will do everything to make sure it happens and that's 3/4s of the success. The rest is you and your guests. 


Are you up for that?  We are.  And we look forward to finding the Extraordinary with you.


Remember you are Extraordinary,


Michael Sage Schindler


Only person ever to swim from Cuba to Florida.  Accomplished at age 64.

Mission of LSNY EVENTS
Mission of LSNY EVENTS


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