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What you probably really want to know about us is "That's big talk about greatest parties and weddings ever. Can I trust you to perform with the brilliance you're promising?" That's what I'd want to know. You can read about what we've done (HIGHLIGHTS) and how our clients love us and become our biggest fans (TESTIMONIALS), and you can find out just how passionate and driven we are in our Bride Interview.  


But really I always thought About us should be "About how and what we can do for you."  How well can we take care of you, your occasion, your event, your guests. Do we really care about you?  Yes!  We really do. 


And you get with us months or years before your event in all our interaction, but it also shows up just as passionate and committed at your event. 


How are you able to keep that level?  We live for that.  For us it's the most fulfilling thing ever to deliver a great event or even better one of the greatest days in someone's life.  (Incredibly we've done this more than a dozen times and counting).  And all the while having a blast doing it!


If you want to know how we are able to do this our Mission Page reveals the art,  the science and inspiration behind what we do.


Our history is meaningful to us, but the most important thing for our clients to know is we've been around for a little while (23 years), we have a built in imperative to deliver what we say we will,  what is expected and what we expect of ourselves, and then some.  We know it can take 20 years to build a repuation but one event to burn it down. So each event we do is the most important event we've ever done.  That's how we treat it.


Are you ready to call us?  It costs you nothing but you can gain a whole lot from that one call.  917.204.9690.  Would you like to know more before you call?  


We began as a small company of dancers offering choreographed routines and group interaction at parties for event planners and bands, (we offered the fun stuff that magnetized people into these events and made them compelling and memorable). Over the last 20 years LSNY has slowly grown into a full fledged Special Event Planning and Services company.  While we are DJ based we are not limited to DJ produced events.  Our Team Building for one is one of the hottest things ever.


It doesn't matter if you're having a Manhattan wedding, a large corporate conference in Austin Texas or a Bar Mitzvah in Park Slope Brooklyn we give each one our full attention, creativity, experience, detailed planning, production and performance. 


We have produced, co-produced, collaborated and/or performed at over 2000 special events for more than a quarter million people in the NY and east coast area as well being invited around the US, Europe and the Caribbean.


The spirit of LSNY EVENTS is fully grounded in Appreciation.  Our team thrives on the synergy and chemistry we have together and with our guests.  


What I love is seeing our people totally commttment to your enjoyment, going the extra mile and delivering inspired results.  The ENERGY and joy of that is instantly felt and something each one of us realizes we don't get many other places in life.  


We've seen how an extraordinary event can not only be so much fun, but raise spirits and impact positively in peoples' lives.  That recognition fires us up and the know how to get there separates us from other companies.


Sound like a team you'd like to work with?  Me too.  Fortunately I do and you can too. The first step is a simple phone call.  917.204.9690 or if you need to warm up to it drop us a line at

The company's mission is to create extraordinarily enthralling, fun, and moving entertainment experiences, with our goal for each event to become a a Top 10 day in a life.  


Broadcasting their experience with unbridled enthusiasm our clients have been the biggest part of our success.  They account for 90% of all our bookings and typically become clients and friends for life.  


If this feels like the type of people you'd like to work with and the type of event you'd like to have, I invite you to call for a no obligation, complimentary entertainment evaluation.  We'll get to know you and see if we're a good fit.


Remember you are Extraordiary

Michael Sage Schindler, Director


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